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Global spirituality and the global fitness framework

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posted on 2023-08-30, 13:50 authored by John J. Rayment, Jonathan A. Smith
Global problems are currently not being solved, much hot air having been generated about global warming. Fantastic amounts of time and energy have been put into discussing the fact that ‘something must be done’. Piecemeal solutions have been proposed, but rarely enacted. Solving global problems requires global objectives and leadership, within a suitable decision framework. This paper seeks to provide these key requirements and encourage their adoption. A key reason why leadership has not developed the required global outlook is the continued focus on importance of individual nations and religions. Spirituality has been usurped by religions, with two crucial consequences. Firstly, individuals who do not believe in a Higher Being have been excluded from the spiritual debate. Secondly, a global spirituality has been prevented from developing, with individual religions having their own, often conflicting, beliefs. Global spirituality would provide consensus on the objectives of humanity, status of individuals, and a yardstick for assessing the legitimacy of solutions and actions by individuals, groups and societies. The Global Fitness Framework has a positive inclusive definition of spirituality and enables leaders, analysts and researchers to assess the physical, mental and spiritual fitness of individuals, groups and societies to perform their roles in solving the problems facing humanity.



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