Gender equity and energy access in the Global South

Posted on 20.08.2021 - 10:55
This project investigates what the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of "access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy" (SDG7) means to the professionals working on matters of energy access, and in particular what the implications are for gender equality (SDG5), in the Global South. Through collaboration with 11 partners across six countries, this project has undertaken 86 semi-structured interviews spanning Nigeria, Ghana, India and Pakistan. Specifically, the interviews were with professionals working on different aspects of the (developing) energy system. We were especially interested in better understanding how their (gendered) expectations are shaping the systems of provision that they are providing, through their own professional roles.

The project yields actionable, evidence-based recommendations for stakeholders to support equitable development of new and ongoing policies and interventions on energy access. Critically towards ensuring energy policy(makers) start conceptualising gender in more inclusive ways, as part of energy access interventions.


Gender equity and energy access in the Global South (2021): Gender equity and energy access in the Global South. Anglia Ruskin University. Collection.
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This project was funded by Anglia Ruskin University’s QR-GCRF 2020-2021 allocation


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