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The impact of transformational education aided by creativity on students' intended sustainable behaviour at Anglia Ruskin University / UK

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posted on 2023-08-30, 20:36 authored by Hassiba Fadli
This research investigated two Sustainability modules at Anglia Ruskin University in response to the requirements of the Teaching Excellence Framework, the Quality Assurance Agency and the United Nations, in terms of preparing future managers and global citizens with ethics and sustainable behaviour. The two modules employ art and creativity tools for Transformational Education. A mixed-method explanatory form of research was adopted as the approach. The Quantitative Analysis used the Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor analyses to verify the models constructed from the existing literature, linking knowledge aided with creativity and its components to the Theory of Planned Behaviour Model. NVivo 12 Pro was used to analyse the data collected, following Yin (2013), from focus groups; two open questions from the survey were analysed. Comparison of the information derived from both methods allowed an exhaustive understanding of the impact of Transformational Education aided with creativity on students’ sustainable behaviour. The Transformational Education helped students to develop a strong, positive attitude towards the teaching material related to environmental issues, developing a meaningful sense of purpose leading to their future sustainable behaviour.



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