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Students' familiarity with the narrator in multimedia learning material

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posted on 2023-08-30, 14:00 authored by Yaffa Ben-Dror
This is a study of the influence of the familiarity of students with the narrator of video tutorials, in a blended learning situation, on both the perceived and actual effectiveness of the learning materials, in terms of students’ learning efficiency – where a course is traditional in format and online learning is carried out with the help of Narrated Video Screen Captures (NVSCs). The study also focused on the interaction of student-narrator gender similarity and students’ individual differences (conscientiousness and test-anxiety) with voice familiarity. Thus, the study sought to fill a gap in knowledge regarding the influence of familiarity with the narrator in multimedia learning material on the efficiency of learning within a blended learning context. The research paradigm was deductive, employing a mixed methods and a case study research and using quasi-experiments. In order to compare the relational efficiency of the different instructional conditions, a calculative approach was used that combined measurement of mental effort with task performance. In addition to the mental effort questionnaires and task performance, students completed an assessment questionnaire for the NVSCs. In addition, semi-structured interviews and a follow-up questionnaire were used for collection of corroborative data, in order to shed more light on this matter. Findings showed significant influence of voice familiarity on most of the learning efficiency indices and on perceived effectiveness of NVSCs. Gender similarity was significant only with unfamiliar voice and there was no significant interaction between conscientiousness and test anxiety and voice familiarity. Thus, it was concluded that when students have a personal relationship with the class teacher, exposure to multimedia learning materials with an unfamiliar narrator has an adverse influence on their learning efficiency. These findings add to the established voice related principles of Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning and Social Agency Theory. Contribution to knowledge was made by filling the gap in knowledge in the area of multimedia instructional design.



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