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A critical review of a multinational corporation's corporate social responsibility practice: a case study

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posted on 2023-08-30, 17:40 authored by Taye T. Osadiya
Amidst growing global challenges facing multinational corporations (MNCs) in the process of designing, implementing and evaluating corporate social responsibility (CSR) effectively, this study critically reviews the extent to which the existing CSR design, implementation and evaluation model of the Shell Petroleum Nigeria Plc operating in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, is addressing these challenges. Specifically, the study is grounded in review of the Shell Petroleum Nigeria PLC CSR model that is based on the CSR integrated framework by Aravossis et al., to explore the extent to which this is enabling the corporation to meet the needs of its diverse stakeholder groups. In exploring the corporation’s CSR model, a constructivist realism position that encompasses quantitative and qualitative research methodologies was adopted as they both apply similar logic when analysing phenomena. They are also deconstructive in probing natural unfolding episodes in the social world since both methodologies deal with data. These positions enabled me to interpret the flow of events taking place amongst the corporation’s stakeholder groups by focussing attention on their actions, utterances and behaviours. Findings from this study suggest that the corporation’s CSR design, implementation and evaluation framework is not fit for purpose as it is ineffective in addressing the needs of its diverse stakeholder groups. In addition, decisions on CSR issues are taken by management of the corporation with little consultations and engagement of all stakeholder groups. The existing CSR process creates negative relationships and lack of trust between the corporation’s management and local communities’ residents. Based on these outcomes, the study makes the following contributions: a provision of CSR framework that managers of MNCs could adopt to design, implement and evaluate CSR programmes; and a process that facilitates interactions and enhances positive relationships between MNCs and stakeholder groups in the design, implementation and evaluation of CSR projects.



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