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Economic Risk, Resources and Environment (ERRE) model

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posted on 2022-01-06, 10:50 authored by Aled JonesAled Jones, Roberto Pasqualino
Economic Risk, Resources and Environment (ERRE) is a system dynamics model whose purpose is to analyse the financial pressures emerging from global economic growth while coping with natural limits in both energy and agricultural systems. A major feature of the model is to integrate in the same framework both the dynamic evolution of long term phenomena (e.g. energy transition, climate effects) and the short to medium term structures that are more relevant to decision making in the real world (e.g. extreme weather effects, irrational behaviours of markets).

A book, Resources, Financial Risk and Dynamics of Growth: Systems and Global Society by Roberto Pasqualino and Aled Jones, was published in 2020 by Routledge and describes the background to this model development. Here you will find the appendix to that book (Appendix_ERRE.pdf) which contains the detail equations and model structure alongside the Vensim ERRE model (ERRE_Model_10012020.vpm), a short guide (ERRE Vensim Reader Guide.pdf) and scenario runs and data (*.vdf files).


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