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FIReS Webinar 2: Fostering innovative resilience in healthcare: support services and infrastructure (Recording)

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posted on 2022-03-24, 12:44 authored by Nebil AchourNebil Achour, Hamdi Lamine

The COVID-19 pandemic stretched for the first time every modern healthcare system globally. Hospitals were forced to cancel elective operations, develop new work approaches, and redeploy staff to treat infected patients, limit infection rates whilst maintaining most urgent operations. Healthcare services are now in challenging but also potentially ground-breaking position to re-think the way they operate. This webinar brought together international hospital professionals and researchers to discuss, debate and provide facts to explain the reasons for which hospital support services and infrastructure are vulnerable and identify areas to enhance resilience.

This unique webinar is one of series of free events sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering to rethink healthcare resilience from a global perspective. The webinar designed to represent the complexity of healthcare and provided information for professionals, major emergency planners and policy makers. Five (5) speakers from different backgrounds present their international experience, knowledge and opinion about different aspects of healthcare resilience. They discussed and answered questions of the general public who joined the webinar in the 2 Q&A sessions and Panel Discussion. The webinar was held on 17 March 2022 and it involved experts and speakers from 4 countries, Italy, Turkey, UK and USA.

To access the e-proceedings of Webinar 1, which looked at the resilience of clinical services, please use this link:


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