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Tensor Factorization with Sparse and Graph Regularization for Fake News Detection on Social Networks

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posted on 2024-03-19, 15:09 authored by Hangjun Che, Baicheng Pan, Man Fai Leung, Yuting Cao, Zheng Yan

Social media has a significant influence, which greatly facilitates people to stay up-to-date with information. Unfortunately, a great deal of fake news on social media misleads people and causes a lot of losses. Therefore, fake news detection is necessary to address this issue. Recently, social content category-based methods have become a crucial component of fake news detection. Different from news context-based category, which focuses on word embedding, it tends to explore the potential relationships and structures between users and news. In this article, a third-order tensor, which obtains massive information and connections, is constructed by the social links and engagements of social networks. Then, a sparse and graph-regularized CANDECOMP/PARAFAC (SGCP) tensor decomposition learning method is proposed for fake news detection on social network. In SGCP, a news factor matrix is constructed by CP decomposition of the tensor, which reflects the complex connections among users and news. Furthermore, SGCP retains sparsity of the news factor matrix and preserves the manifold structures from the original space. In addition, an efficient optimization algorithm, which is proven to be monotonically nonincreasing, is proposed to solve SGCP. Finally, abundant experiments are conducted on real-world datasets and demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed SGCP.



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