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Estimation in the Primary Mathematics Curricula of Cyprus, Greece and Turkey: A Privileged or Prevented Competence?

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posted on 2023-08-11, 14:34 authored by Constantinos Xenofontos, Sinem Hizli AlkanSinem Hizli Alkan, Paul Andrews
Estimation is an essential competence with a developmental role in the learning of various mathematical topics. Yet, as previous studies highlight, this competence is either excluded or ambivalently included in intended curricula around the world. The current study investigates the estimation-related opportunities in the primary curricula of three Eastern Mediterranean countries (Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey). Our analyses are framed by four forms of estimation (computational, measurement, quantity, number line). As with previous studies in other contexts, computational estimation and measurement estimation are extensively addressed in the curricula of Cyprus and Turkey, yet without any meaningful justification for their inclusion. All three curricula fail to recognise the importance of number line estimation and quantity estimation, the two forms with the most significant developmental implications for the later learning of other mathematical concepts and areas of mathematics. Among the three curricula under scrutiny, the Greek is the one with the fewest and most superficial references to estimation. In closing, we discuss the implications of this study and suggestions for future research. Keywords: computational estimation, measurement estimation, number line estimation, quantity estimation, intended curricula, Eastern Mediterranean countries



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