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Designing an Internet-based intervention for improving wellbeing in people with acquired vision loss: A Delphi consensus study

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posted on 2023-08-30, 18:28 authored by Nurbanu Somani, Eldré W. Beukes, Keziah Latham, Gerhard Andersson, Peter M. Allen
Purpose: Vision impairment (VI) may impact a person’s functional ability resulting in a loss of independence, anxiety, depression, social isolation and reduced quality of life. Caregivers also experience similar problems due to the increased burden placed on them. Support to address these difficulties encountered by those with VI and their caregivers may not always be accessible. An internet-based intervention may provide more accessible support. The aim of this study was to obtain consensus regarding the content and accessibility features required to design an internet-based intervention to promote wellbeing for people with VI and their caregivers. Method: A three-round Delphi review was conducted with a panel of 30 stakeholders. Three stakeholder groups were included, namely individuals with vision loss, experts in the field of vision loss and mental health and carers of individuals with vision loss. Conceptual wellbeing ideas were examined in round 1, the intervention modules and module content were proposed in round 2 and refined in round 3. Results: Consensus of 75% or more was reached to include 18 modules into the intervention. These were divided into seven sections: understanding vision loss, emotional wellbeing, functional wellbeing, social wellbeing, physical wellbeing, wellbeing for carers and maintaining wellbeing. The accessibility features deemed most important were font size, colour and contrast options, compatibility with low vision aids and layout of the intervention. Conclusions: The Delphi process positively informed the design of an internet-based intervention for individuals with acquired VI and their caregivers. Suggestions provided by stakeholders should now be incorporated into the intervention. Future evaluation of efficacy and cost-effectiveness of such an intervention are necessary.



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