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Delphi Study: Designing Training to Enable Visual Impairment Services to Promote Physical Activity

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posted on 2023-08-30, 09:30 authored by Rosie K. Lindsay, Lee SmithLee Smith, Peter M. Allen

Research suggests adults with visual impairment would increase their physical activity (PA) if they were advised to by a professional working in visual impairment services. However, there are no training programs which are targeted at enabling these professionals to promote PA. Therefore, this study aims to inform a UK-based training program which facilitates PA promotion within visual impairment services. A modified Delphi technique was used, consisting of a focus group and two rounds of surveys. The panel included 17 experts in round one, and 12 experts in round two. Consensus was defined as equal to or greater than 70% agreement. The panel agreed training should: educate professionals on PA benefits, injury prevention, and wellbeing, address myths associated with PA, address health and safety concerns, help professionals to find local PA opportunities, and include a networking session for professionals in visual impairment services and local PA providers. The panel agreed training should also target PA providers and volunteers for visual impairment services, and that training should be delivered online and in-person. In conclusion, training should provide professionals with the capability to promote PA and to establish stakeholder partnerships. The present findings can inform future research which tests the panel’s recommendations.



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