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An exploration of Scottish teachers perceptions of equitable teaching practices in mathematics.pdf (2.08 MB)

An exploration of Scottish teachers’ perceptions of equitable teaching practices in mathematics

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posted on 2024-02-23, 14:59 authored by Constantinos Xenofontos, Sinem Hizli Alkan, Peter Appelbaum

Equitable teaching practices encompass evidence-based strategies utilised by teachers to support the learning of all pupils, while recognising each pupil’s unique back-ground. This study delves into the perspectives of Scottish teachers regarding equity in mathematics, as evidenced by their self-reported practices. By analysing semi-structured interviews with 29 teachers from various school levels (early years, primary, and secondary) through Variation Theory, we were able to uncover common practices, such as ability grouping versus mixed-ability grouping, as well as practices specific to each level. We also identified overlaps between early-years/primary and primary/secondary, highlighting the importance of transitioning from one school level to another. It is imperative for teacher education programmes to address these transitions more explicitly in order to ensure greater continuity and consistency in equitable teaching practices.



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