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A conceptual decision-making framework for the selection of food waste management approaches for the hospitality and food service sector in the UK

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posted on 2023-09-06, 09:18 authored by Spyridoula Gerassimidou, Manoj Dora, Eleni Iacovidou
The UK government has been calling for action in tackling food waste (FW) generation, to which the Hospitality and Food Services (HaFS) sector contributes substantially. Decision-making tools that inform the selection of appropriate FW management (FWM) processes in the HaFS sector are lacking. This study fills this gap by offering a conceptual decision-making tool that supports se-lecting appropriate and commercially available FW processing techniques for the HaFS sector. The study initially conducted an exploratory analysis of commercially available on-site and off-site FWM options in the UK to inform the decision-making framework. A set of steering criteria was developed and refined via stakeholder consultations to create flowcharts that guide the selection of FWM options, i.e., Tier 1 of the framework. Tier 2 refines the FWM process selection using a comparative sustainability performance of FWM options, developed through a rapid systematic evidence mapping. The study offers a flexible decision-making tool that allows stakeholders to contribute to the decision-making process and facilitate the selection of tailored-based FWM processes that better suit their circumstances and needs. This approach to decision-making is more likely to enable solutions that facilitate the sustainable management of wasted resources and promote circularity.



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