Soane Sans Caps - Type Specimen

2019-09-19T10:45:36Z (GMT) by Jon Melton
Soane Sans Caps - Type Specimen

Photograph: Jon Melton

1 of 2 Research Type Specimens

Type specimens are defined as typographic designs that showcase a typeface design, its context and its use. The Soane Sans Capitals were revived from observed drawings and photographs of the Lodges at Langley Park in Norfolk - from what is likely the earliest extant example of a Soane inscription. Their distinctive bold modelling and subtle curl to the ‘J’ which respects the classical Latin alphabet 'I' - have initiated the design of the full font ETRVSCA.

The research and development of Soane Sans was presented and explained at ATypI18 Antwerp in September 2018.

Research Question(s): How will engaging in practice-based research inform the development of a new primal sans typeface, lead to new insights into the context of the serif-less letterforms of the eighteenth-century?

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