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Video Game and Fuzzy Logic to Improve Amblyopia and Convergence Insufficiency

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posted on 2023-08-30, 16:03 authored by Shabnam Sadeghi Esfahlani, Karim Sadeghi Esfahlani, Hassan Shirvani
Intuitive learning of visual tasks appears to be an assuring exercise for Amblyopia and Convergence Insufficiency (CI) improvement. Amblyopia is a developmental dysfunction of vision identified by poor monocular visual acuity whereas CI is a common binocular/two-eyed vision disorder in which the eyes do not operate near efficiently. This study proposed the development of virtual reality (VR) video game platform, guided through Fuzzy Logic, targeting casualties with amblyopia and CI condition. The game enables precise control over stimulus parameters, and trains contrast sensitivity with the benefits of motivation and reward that maintain practice over long periods. The dichoptic visual training facilitated through the VR headset and game engine with eye-tracking and stimulus data collection capability. This non-invasive eye-training exercise program aims to train the patients to overcome the common conditions such as lazy eye and exophoria at near. Our vision lab made of 2D and 3D game environments facilitated exercises, which are recommended by opticians\footnote{}, through three stimulating video game scenarios. The preliminary results of this study have shown that this program has the potential to be adopted for vision therapy. As such in the future study, a randomized clinical trial with participants 9 to 18 years of age will randomly be assigned to receive 12 weeks of vision lab versus home-based pencil push-ups and vision patching exercise for statistical analysis and validation.


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