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IN4.0-SD: Economic model of Industrial Innovation, Inequality and Inflation - Sustainability Switzerland (27 September 2021)

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Version 1 2021-10-18, 10:46
posted on 2022-01-14, 10:39 authored by Roberto Pasqualino, Melissa Demartini, Faezeh Baagheri
The IN4.0 is published in Pasqualino, R., Demartini, M., & Bagheri, F. (2021). Digital transformation and sustainable oriented innovation: A system transition model for socio-economic scenario analysis. Sustainability, 13(21), 11564. the article is available at the link

The IN4.0-SD is a closed-economy System Dynamics model composed of three agents: sustainable oriented innovation business (SOIB), digital asset supplier business (DASB), and household.

Simulations show the level of flexibility of the model in addressing a variety of scenarios, playing at the threshold of technology development, inequality rise, massive unemployment and providing an archetype for sustainable oriented innovation and digital transformation models. The findings suggested by the model analysis are used to infer conclusions for the wider society, including implications for sustainable oriented businesses and digital transformation.